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Artist, Erika Hitchcock, creates custom, ceramic replicas of bridal gowns and special occasion dresses. Each piece is hand-built, and every dress is different — designed to celebrate the incredible woman who wears it.

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How It Works

How It Works

Getting Started

So, you are thinking about having a beautiful gown hand-built in stone! Whether it’s yours or someone else’s, this is a wonderful way to celebrate a very special moment.

The process is simple and easy! Just fill out our form to provide more information about the gown you’d like us to recreate, and start your journey to bring your custom StoneWear design to life.

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My Story

Meet The Artist

Though there are many interpretations of the bridal gown as a symbol, to me, it embodies concepts of hope, love, and future promise. It marks the ability to step forward, together, and forge a new path, creating a vast collection of new hopes, ambitions, and dreams.

For me, the wedding dress represents change — in its purest and most powerful form. Through StoneWear Ceramics, I aim to share my work in a way that helps preserve the wonderful memories that define our lives.

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Erika was absolutely amazing in creating this beautiful gift for my daughter in law. She took so much time and love in making sure it was a perfect gift and it matched her dress beautiful! Highly recommend!

Carmela S.

My StoneWear Ceramics replica dress is simply stunning. I never thought I’d have this kind of reaction to seeing my wedding dress immortalized in stone, but it’s pure joy and beauty to see it and show it off in this beautiful form. StoneWear Ceramics is truly a priceless and unique gift made with so much love.


I would HIGHLY recommend a dress from Stonewear Ceramics as a gift to celebrate any occasion. I reached out to Erika to help recreate my wife’s wedding dress for our 10th anniversary, and her level of service, attention to detail, and overall quality was top notch throughout the entire process. I can honestly say this was my favorite gift I have ever given to my wife, and I want to thank Erika for helping make an already special occasion that much more so.

Will D.

Stronger Than Stone

Real Stories Of Remarkable Women & StoneWear Brides

I dedicate this portion of my business to those women who have experienced life-altering obstacles and persevered against incredible odds. Through these remarkable women, we find inspiration, hope, and a fighting spirit made of something much stronger than stone.

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Set your dress in stone — Order your custom StoneWear Ceramics gown!

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StoneWear Ceramics

StoneWear Ceramics specializes in custom made wedding dress replicas. Each sculpture is hand-built, heirloom quality, and crafted from durable, stoneware clay.

StoneWear Ceramics bridal replicas are designed to capture your most treasured memories for years to come, showcase the beauty of your bridal gown, and celebrate the incredible woman who wears it.

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