Stonewear Ceramics | Our Process

Our Process

StoneWeaR CERAMICS | Getting Started

So, you are thinking about having a beautiful gown hand-built in stone!  Whether it’s yours or someone else’s, this is such a wonderful way to celebrate a very special moment!  I am so excited that you are considering a sculpture from Stonewear Ceramics, and my hope is that our creative experience together is something you cherish along with your one-of-a-kind piece.

The process is simple and easy! Just follow the steps below to start your journey and bring your custom StoneWear design to life:

1. Define The Details

To get started, please complete the interest form located on the Order Your Dress page of the website. This will provide important initial information and determine the general design direction for your gown. 

Your wedding dress replica will be built especially for you (or the person receiving this thoughtful gift). Every detail brings us one step closer to creating a beautiful piece that captures the style and distinct personality of your bridal gown. If you have a few photos of your gown to share with us, that's perfect!

2. Discuss Your Design

Upon completion of the form, I will follow up with you to set up a time for a brief, 15-minute phone consultation to discuss the details of your design.

This time will be our time to dive into all the wonderful details that make your wedding dress special and unique. 

During our discussion, I will gather more information about the wedding date, the bride, and distinct features of the gown. (The designer’s name, style, embellishments, size, color(s), etc.)

Also at this time, we will review the final price for your piece. Once all specifics have been finalized, payment is due in full following our conclusion of our consultation to begin the creation of your StoneWear Ceramics design.

3. Your Dress Takes Shape

Now the fun begins!  Once your order is confirmed, I'll begin the creative process of bringing your design to life and sculpting your custom StoneWear Ceramics gown.  As I develop your piece, I will keep you updated with process photos, so you can share in the excitement as your dress takes shape! 

Please keep in mind that the overall production process can take between 6-8 weeks. Once your piece is ready to ship, you'll receive a shipping update and ETA for the delivery of your custom ceramic gown!

Pricing Information

All gowns are hand-built personally for you and are one-of-a-kind. The more details, photos, and information you can provide, the better!

Pricing for custom ceramic gowns begins at $450.00. Total process time from order to shipping is approximately 6-8 weeks. Gowns will be packaged and shipped upon completion, and you will be notified at the time of shipping.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much for considering my work and allowing me to take part in making your special day a memory forever set in stone.

If you have any additional questions, please send a quick email to