Stronger Than Stone

Real Stories of Remarkable Women & StoneWear Brides

When we are young, we love fairytales and happy endings. But as we grow into adulthood, we soon realize that life requires persistence, resiliency and strength. There are curveballs behind every corner and, even when it seems impossible, unpredictable obstacles and losses. StoneWear Ceramics was born from a time of loss and grief, yet I was lucky enough to discover something beautiful within myself and in my art — and use that discovery as a way to focus on the future and heal.

With healing comes empathy for those who have experienced life’s trials and tragedies, along with respect and admiration for those who stand strong, continue through their struggles, and triumph over adversity.

I dedicate this portion of my business to those women who have experienced life-altering obstacles and persevered against incredible odds. Through these remarkable women, we find inspiration, hope, and a fighting spirit made of something much stronger than stone.

Kate McGoff

Everyone has their hardships and challenges, it’s a part of life, however overcoming these challenges with strength and gratitude is difficult. Kate became a single parent at a young age, giving birth to her son Max. When all her friends were finishing up college and planning their career life, she found herself back home with her parents, pregnant and alone. I found myself inspired and encouraged by her positivity and resiliency. 

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Shannon Hendrix

Although every family experiences challenges and loss, some may feel that Shannon and her family have faced more than most. And through loss, Shannon has been the continued source of strength and resilience, for which many depend on. Her selfless sacrifice and dedication through service and action for others is the light that shines through much of Shannon’s journey. She leads with her heart and through this her actions ease the burden for others.

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Mrs. Martha Tucker

“I’ve always wanted to try on a wedding dress.”

Mrs. Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker was watching her favorite film — Coming to America — with her granddaughter, Angela Strozier, when she mentioned the wish aloud. It wasn’t something she’d shared before, and at 94 years old, it wasn’t something that Tucker actually envisioned experiencing. However, Strozier heard her grandmother’s wish, and, with the help of her family decided to bring that dream to life…

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Valeria Lento Palmertree

At the young age of 8 years old, Valeria Lento Palmertree arrived in Miami Beach, having immigrated from Argentina with her parents and younger brother. The family arrived in the United States with three key possessions, hope, opportunity, and each other…

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Lauren Urey

After celebrating their wedding in Charleston, South Carolina on October 18, 2019, newlyweds Lauren and Matt Urey departed on a New Zealand honeymoon cruise that December. However, what should have been a dream romantic getaway instead became a fight for survival…

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Dr. Kerry Anne Perkins

In the midst of protests erupting in response to historic and prevalent racial injustice, Dr. Kerry Anne Perkins and her husband, Michael Gordon, found themselves alongside passionate protestors, marching to honor the memory of George Floyd…

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As a person versed in navigating life’s trials, overcoming obstacles, and flourishing in the face of adversity, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves in her wake an iconic legacy of strength, resilience, and compassion…

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