8 Reasons A Wedding Gown Sculpture Makes the Perfect Gift

The ideal bride’s wedding anniversary gift relays a personal message of love and celebration. A gift embodying one of the happiest days of her life is one to forever cherish, whether she is celebrating her first or twenty-fifth year of marriage. 

A wedding gown is one of the most important dresses a woman will wear in her life. Sadly, after the wedding these dresses are boxed up and stored, rarely seen again. A ceramic replica allows the beauty of the dress and memories of the bride’s special day to remain vivid and always on display. As you consider your options for ordering a wedding anniversary gift for the special woman in your life, we invite you to learn more about StoneWear Ceramics by Erika Hitchcock and what makes a ceramic dress sculpture the perfect gift. We could speak for hours on the beauty and artistic qualities of these works, but here are our top eight reasons:

1. A StoneWear Ceramics Gown Is A Unique Work Of Art

No two StoneWear Ceramics sculptures are alike. Every sculpture is one of a kind and modeled after the bride’s wedding dress and figure. Browse our gallery of wedding gown sculptures and you will find reproductions of couture gowns, bespoke dresses designed by the brides themselves, and gowns handed down to multiple generations. You cannot buy a StoneWear Ceramics sculpture in stores. The sculpture your bride receives is uniquely fashioned just for her by professional artist/sculptor, Erika Hitchcock.

2. Every StoneWear Ceramics Gown Is Sculpted By Artist Erika Hitchcock

Professional artist Erika Hitchcock handcrafts each and every commissioned piece. StoneWear Ceramics gowns are not mass produced, but formed using high fire stoneware clay. Each sculpture is also carefully detailed to bring out the distinct features of the dress–beading, lacework, trains and even the bride’s shape, so the sculpture resembles how the beautiful bride looked that day. When you order your wedding gown sculpture Erika will consult with you on the design so that you receive an authentic representation.

3. StoneWear Ceramics Sculptures Showcase Wedding Memories Every Day

Every wedding dress has its own story–some are handed down for generations and some are custom designed. Some brides will try on dozens of dresses before choosing the perfect one that speaks to their style. The StoneWear Ceramics wedding dress sculpture is an extension of that story. It encapsulates the memories and emotions of the bride’s big day.

Like any fine work of art, these sculptures catch the eye, and friends and family will notice. Wherever you display your gown sculpture, it will stand out as a showpiece. Check out StoneWear Ceramics on Instagram to see how some brides have shown off their sculptures.

4. StoneWear Ceramics Sculptures Preserve the Memory of the Gown

Husbands, mothers of the bride, mothers-in-law, sisters, and best friends have commissioned StoneWear Ceramics gowns as gifts. Erika has created sculptures for newlywed brides and for women like Mrs. Martha Tucker, who wore a wedding gown for the first time at age 94. The sculpture created for Mrs. Tucker represents the legacy of her loving marriage, long after the dress was put away.

From mermaid silhouettes to sweeping A-lines, billowing ball gown styles to adorable tea-length dresses, any wedding gown can be replicated into a StoneWear Ceramics sculpture. Erika can also color match the sculpture to the gown if the bride wore a specific color. See the gallery of special occasion gowns for the possibilities.

Photo by Michele Heffernan

5. Ceramics Sculptures Are Designed To Last

Gowns may be preserved, but fabrics and colors can fade. Not every wedding dress is handed down to the next generation, either. A StoneWear Ceramics replica, however, is a legacy artwork. These sculptures will increase in sentimental value over time, and the resilience of the stoneware clay used to create them means they will last for years. When you commission your own sculpture, you will learn about the process that goes into making your work of art, and how your “memories in stone” gift will highlight the colors and details of the dress.

6. It’s Easy To Commission A StoneWear Ceramics Gown!

Erika works closely with each customer to ensure your bride’s ceramic wedding gown matches her original bridal look. The StoneWear Ceramics design process begins when you contact StoneWear Ceramics online to commission the work. From there, you will receive a consultation and quote, and Erika will create the perfect gift for your bride. Erika will communicate often with you throughout the process, sending photos of your gown sculpture at different stages of development–from shaping the clay to the final touches. StoneWear Ceramics clients are excited to see the gradual progress of their gifts!

stonewear ceramics thoughtful anniversary gift for her

7. Your Bride Will Love Her Sculpture!

The reactions of surprise, awe, and happy tears StoneWear Ceramics receives from brides who see their ceramic dress replicas for the first time are a joy to behold. Many brides arrange for special photo sessions with their sculptures, while wearing their gowns. Browse StoneWear Ceramics’ Facebook page to see the amazing pictures sculpture recipients have sent over the years.

8. StoneWear Ceramics Customers Love The Sculptures

Clients who have commissioned gown sculptures from Erika Hitchcock have nothing but praise for her artistic skills and service. Some, in fact, have requested multiple gown sculptures and referred StoneWear Ceramics to new customers!

Check out all the amazing reviews of StoneWear Ceramics on Google and rest assured you will receive a unique, quality gift for your bride. This next wedding anniversary, express your love with a truly one-of-a-kind present that represents the strength of your marriage bond. Your bride will forever treasure her gown in stone. Contact StoneWear Ceramics by Erika Hitchcock and begin the journey of turning your beautiful bride’s gown into a timeless gift.

Photo by Michele Heffernan

Gifts From The Heart: Mother-Daughter Wedding Gifts

“Mother-daughter relationships are the strongest of all parent-child bonds.”

– The Journal of Neuroscience.  

Love That Lasts A Lifetime

Love stories are one of the most cherished rewards of my business. Not only do I get the honor of creating something so meaningful, I’m awarded the most beautiful love stories that really are what the gown sculptures symbolize. These love stories represent the core of our lives and are so inspiring.

Some of the most wonderful stories are when mothers come to me for a StoneWear Ceramics replica gown to gift their daughter.

“I love her, she is my best friend, my soul mate, my everything.” 

-Geri Anne (Bride)

The bond between mother and daughter is so special in its significance to both. Even after the daughter marries and starts on a new journey with her own family, this bond evolves and becomes even more important.  “Best friends”, “my rock”, “greatest fan”, are just some words that can describe these relationships as they grow, strengthen, and evolve over time.

Many moms come to me after their daughters’ weddings have already taken place. They are still so full of love, hope, and admiration for their daughters, and they find a ceramic wedding dress replica an exciting and meaningful way to capture all the beauty of the wedding day. It is truly a joy that a personalized StoneWear gown can reflect and become an extension of this bond.

“I did not give you the gift of life, life gave me the gift of you.”

Speaking personally, my daughter is one of the greatest gifts this life has given me. We are lucky to live close in proximity and spend time together daily. I am one lucky momma to have her in my life, and I cherish our relationship greatly.

The ceramic wedding dresses pictured throughout this post are just a few of the gowns that were created as gifts from mothers to their daughters.

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A wedding dress replica from StoneWear Ceramics celebrates the love you share, which makes it one of the best, personalized wedding anniversary gifts you can give. If you’re looking to do something special and one-of-a-kind, use our Order Form to start your StoneWear design! Once we receive your request, we’ll send you an estimate and discuss the details of bringing your custom piece to life.

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Honoring An Heirloom: The Generation Gown

“Hold still, just one more moment. We’re almost done.”

Laura Marie Dansby Tudor of Beaufort, South Carolina, held pins in her mouth, pursing her lips in steadied concentration while draping the panels of a carefully cut dress pattern on her daughter Carole. The wedding reception would be held on June 27, 1964 at the Historic Anchorage hotel, and Carole’s dress would need the proper length to navigate the stairs.

This dress pattern, and the resulting bridal gown would soon become one of the most significant family heirlooms, spanning three generations of women.

Something Old & Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Carole was married on June 27, 1964 at the historic Anchorage Hotel. There, Carole wore the beautiful gown, handcrafted by her mother, as she married her high school sweetheart, Charles Bruce Whitney, Jr.

Thirty-five years later, Carole was thrilled when her youngest daughter Laura decided to try on the same handmade wedding dress on a visit to Jefferson City, TN in 1999. Laura immediately fell in love with the warm, creme-white color of the aged fabric, and it fit her like a glove — except in the arms.

A talented seamstress searched high and low for some similar lace and carefully dyed it, steeping the lace with tea until it matched the original fabric perfectly. The seamstress then expanded the delicate organza sleeves, carefully adding lace down each arm and repairing any signs of wear the gown had gathered over time. Several tiny rips in the bodice and skirt were skillfully hidden, and Carole watched as her wedding dress stepped into its second life, preserved and restored by her daughter’s love story. The gown was now absolutely perfect  for Laura to wear as she wed Warren Heath Hoagland on July 17, 1999.

To mark the wedding dress’ second chapter, the seamstress also added a ribbon, embroidered with both wedding dates, to the inside of the gown along the hem of the skirt. This new, small detail would mean so much for the future of this wedding dress.

Little did the flower girl, Whitney, know that she would someday wear her grandmother’s gown as well!

Celebrating A Love Story That Spans 3 Generations

On October 17, 2021, Whitney was able to slip her arms into the altered gown 58 years after its creation. The hand sewn ribbon along the hem now holds three wedding dates enclosed by two white doves.

Whitney married Hunter wearing the gown that spanned three generations in her family. Created by her great grandmother, worn by her grandmother, and worn again by her aunt, Whitney chose to continue this beautiful family tradition by wearing the gown for her wedding this past October.

I am so honored to have witnessed such a special love story, and was absolutely thrilled to receive the request from Shannon, Whitney’s mother, to create two replicas of this very special gown, one for Whitney and one for her Aunt Laura.

I am humbled and honored to play a small roll in preserving such a meaningful family tradition and love story. How amazing that this gown, created in 1964, has now become a work of art and inspired another pair of heirloom pieces in its likeness, set in stone to continue this beautiful story across future generations of this family.

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A wedding dress replica from StoneWear Ceramics celebrates the love you share, which makes it one of the best, personalized wedding anniversary gifts you can give. If you’re looking to do something special and one-of-a-kind, use our Order Form to start your StoneWear design! Once we receive your request, we’ll send you an estimate and discuss the details of bringing your custom piece to life.

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