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Stronger Than Stone

The Story of StoneWear Ceramics

We all know that life is ever-changing.  For me, after 17 years of teaching, 28 years of marriage and raising two beautiful children, I thought I had a plan — but life decided otherwise.

In 2019, my life was filled with significant change resulting from tragic, unexpected personal loss. That year, I lost my beloved brother to mental illness and had a severe accident that left me stunned and in place of grief, doubt, and fear.

In the midst of my recovery, I was forced to reconsider my life as I had been living it, and I knew I had to make changes in order to heal. I took time to re-acquaint myself with the moments and experiences that brought me simple, unrefined joy. I turned to my art-making to find peace and inspiration, and suddenly, after a year filled with so much loss, I began to create, and I found hope.

I am so thankful to my husband for supporting me through this journey, to my mother for her unwavering strength, to my daughter for being my biggest fan, and to my close friends and family that have supported me through this period of growth.

Stonewear Ceramics | About StoneWear Ceramics
The Dress

The bridal gown is the most exquisite form a dress can take — and also one of the most personal.

Though there are many interpretations of the bridal gown as a symbol, to me, it embodies concepts of hope, love, and future promise. It represents a profound choice to transition from a singular, individual existence to something larger and more open; a collective life and new chapter. It marks the ability to step forward, together, and forge a new path in the long line of legacy, creating a vast collection of new hopes, ambitions, and dreams.

For me, the wedding dress represents change—in its purest and most powerful form.

Through StoneWear Ceramics, I aim to share my work in a way that helps preserve the powerful and wonderful memories that define our lives.

Stonewear Ceramics | About StoneWear Ceramics
Pieces with a Purpose

I dedicate my work to my brother who was my best friend.

A portion of Stonewear Ceramics’ proceeds will be donated to local groups and organizations that bring social opportunities to adults struggling to find normalcy and companionship while living with mental illness.

I hope to bring some encouragement to those affected by these illnesses, to offer support to those feeling isolated and alone, and to remind others that love is something stronger than stone — and because of that strength, it’s never too late to clear the canvas and make the choice to start something new.